feeding a crowd on a budget {food on friday}

I promised you the story behind this picture:


Well, we had a little impromptu get-together with some friends from church last weekend, and I made the oh-so-wise decision to ask my brother to take a picture of the food for me while I was getting everything ready...

Smart people know what happens when you ask your little brother for a favor-- he gets you back for those 15 years of childhood pranks you played on him! Now I’m a firm believer in the old phrase, “don’t dish it out if you can’t take it,” but I was off my game that night.
And to think I trusted this sweet face:



So while he was supposedly snapping pics of the food, I was telling a story to some new friends about the time we found a local newspaper from 1920 in our bathroom wall {it was so cool!}.

The photo speaks for itself, I suppose- I obviously use lots of hand gestures when I tell stories of great discoveries- and even better, I look like a maniacal serial killer when I chop tomatoes and tell fun stories at the same time!

{and I so couldn’t figure out why my friends were listening so intently from the other side of room... gotta love younger brothers who aren’t afraid to capture the awkward moment on film! ;) }

Luckily he did actually take a few of the food too! {thanks, Josh- I owe you one, bro! wink, wink}

Need to feed a crowd quickly without spending a fortune?

Enter homemade Subway sandwiches, the world’s easiest solution for party food!



We bought four large, fresh loaves of French bread at Sam’s, a huge bag of shredded lettuce, a double package of turkey, and a block of cheese, assembled and cut them deli style, and let everyone pile on the condiments themselves.

The cost? About $3 per foot with thick slices of real cheese and lots of meat! We fed 13 adults and 6 kids for around $18, plus the cost of a big bag of chips and lemonade and sodas. And I even got to take my Sunday nap an hour before the guests arrived!

Now that’s my kind of party! :)

What meals do you like to serve to a hungry crowd? I’d love some new ideas!


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