two years with the Zaner

This kid. I can't believe he's two already:

It's been so many years since I had toddler boys that I had forgotten just how much energy they have! :D Zaner is a firecracker- full of crazy energy and always going, until he crashes in his bed:

Never in almost 12 years of parenting can I recall a child blowing out his candles three times before the end of the song. Here I hadn't finished lighting them the first time before he was blowing! :D

I can't get enough of this picture:

Oh the joy he brings us! :D

Things I always want to remember about Zaner's second year:
  • the way he shrugs his shoulders to say I don't know
  • how he says only names, and points and says "mah" for EVERYTHING but somehow we can still communicate perfectly
  • how he could work my iPhone at 14 months, unlock it and scroll three pages to open Elmo Calls
  • how we made it to 20 months of nursing- the longest I've nursed any of ours
  • how he feels like a lead weight when I pick him up now :D I didn't get weaker or anything, right? hahah!
  • how he eats everything in sight, all day long {we predict linebacker will be his first job}
  • how he isn't afraid of bugs or frogs, and will kick spiders if we don't stop him
  • how he nearly takes his newborn sister out of my arms because he wants to hold her so badly
  • how he gives air kisses and says "Mah!"
  • how he hated getting dirty for the first half of his second year, and went to dirty all the time in the 2nd half
  • how he only likes certain outfits and refuses most of his clothing, wanting to pick out his own
  • how he raises his hands and cheers when we say we're going to Papa's or to eat
  • how much this boy loves his daddy
It's weird to think two years ago, we didn't know him, but now our family has changed completely because of our sweet kid #5. :D

postpartum life- 2 weeks {plus} in, baby #6

I am amazed at how life changes every time we have a new baby. :D I somehow always forget the details- like I will probably wake up more times than the baby to check on her, or that drying my hair has to happen in 10 minute shifts when the baby is happy. :D

But goodness, is it all worth it. :)

The tiny toes:

Or how their little head fits right in the palm of your hand.

And how they grab onto your fingers and don't let go:

I have so much to share- God has been unbelievably good to us- and has been kind to answer SO many prayers. But the last couple of weeks have been filled with rest and holding this sweet little baby and nursing every hour or two, and I've been soaking it up. :)

Dealing with postpartum-ness has been no joke {as usual- all the hormones work really well in my body ha!}, but she's thankfully a pretty good sleeper. Unfortunately I'm not a good sleeper- once I wake up to feed her in the middle of the night I stay awake for hours. :(  So if you see me wandering around Sam's in a stupor you'll know why. :P I'm praying the insomnia goes away soon. Thankfully we haven't started school yet so I get to mostly sit around and do this in the daytime:

And yes, I really do stare at her for hours. :P I've only gotten to do this newborn thing 5 other times so I feel the need to make the most out of each one. :)