Life with Four

Avalie is 4 weeks old! Time is flying by in a way, and in another it's slowed! I think the lack of sleep is definitely more pronounced the older I get. :) I wouldn't say this one sleeps less than the others, I just don't get to sleep in like I did with the younger ones. With a 5 1/2 , 4, and almost 2 year old running around, sleeping in isn't possible anymore!

We start homeschooling in September and I am more than a little nervous about it. I am not a scheduled person and it seems like school will be a daunting task. I've done quite a bit of research and it seems like Rod and Staff will be the curriculum we go with. I am about to order it and start planning out the daily lessons. I am planning on starting the 4 year old at the same time doing preschool work.

My exercise schedule has been cut down significantly with the arrival of the new one. In reality this is probably a good thing and has allowed my body to heal when I would have pushed it harder than I should have. I was going twice per day but now go just once and try to do a second session at home. I really liked going frequently. It will be a good time to slow down as we are starting school, throwing showers, birthday parties, trying to sell our house and having a wedding, not to mention holidays in the next four months. It's busy!

Avalie Annabelle is here!

Avalie (pronounced A-vah-lee) decided to make an early appearance- two weeks early in fact! She is my first truly early baby. Isabella was one day but I think of that as on time. :)

She is beautiful and perfect! She weighed 7 1/2 lbs and was born on the 1st of July. She is such a blessing to us. I was so wrapped up in the pregnancy worries that I think I forgot how wonderful newborns are!

She is nursing like a champ- she sleeps well at night, only waking to eat and then falls asleep again. I love having babies! I can't believe how much I love her already.

We are slowly getting back into a routine again. The rest of the year will be much different now that she is here and we are starting homeschooling in the fall. We also have a family wedding and some other big events happening before the holidays. Life is never dull around here! :)

Amazing Once a Month Cooking Resource!

I haven't done OAMC before, but since we got a new to us freezer in January, I have been trying to stock it before the baby comes. I stumbled upon Once a Month Mom, where they have complete menus, grocery lists, instructions and even LABELS!! What an incredible find- and it's all free! Be sure to check it out! I linked directly to the June menu so you can see what they have to offer. How awesome are those two mommas that put all that together!

Baby Avalie is almost here!!

Only 37 more days until this little one is supposed to arrive! I am so excited and ready to meet her! We will have two boys and two girls in just a little over a month. The fourth pregnancy is really funny because you really don't think much about being pregnant. I've been pregnant for nearly three years at this point! :) This pregnancy has been so very easy and enjoyable, yet somehow I am ready to be done with it and meet my little girl. Here's to hoping that the next 4-6 weeks go by quickly!

Quo Vadis Planner Review

From the desk of my wonderful husband:

I have been using the Visual Weekly Desk Planner from Quo Vadis Planners since January. This is an excellent planner, it has a very professional appearance and is also very functional. The black cover is made of genuine leather and has the appearance of fine craftsmanship. The extra thick pages give the planner a robust feeling and also keep the previous weeks events from showing through the page. The weekly desk planner has 1 week spread across 2 pages with an 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily layout in 30 minute increments. The planner also includes Saturday and Sunday so you can keep up with your weekends as well. Being concise is key because very little space is available for each 30 minute time slot. Each page has a designated location for making notes about phone calls and emails. I find this particularly convenient and use it for both keeping a record and for planning purposes. Thumb tear outs provide a quick way to navigate to the current week without having to flip pages repeatedly to find your spot.

The back of the planner has a phone directory insert complete with alphabetic thumb tabs for quickly turning to the desired page. The Visual planner is loaded with other features that include a holiday schedule for 2009 and 2010, weights a measures conversion tables, international telephone access codes, time zone map and North and South American maps. With the included Semi-Annual planner section you can keep up with major daily events and the one month per page section comes in really handy when you want to keep track of appointments and upcoming events.

The Visual Planner from Quo Vadis is an all around excellent product. The high quality construction and its aesthetic appeal are sure to represent you in a professional and organized manner. The thoughtfulness and completeness of its contents really goes to show the amount of work that was put into the making of such a high quality planner. I am convinced that you will be more than satisfied with this product and that your productivity level is sure to increase as a result of using this planner.

January Update

Life is busy these days! I am finally feeling more energetic and less sick since reaching the second trimester. I am trying to get the house organized and ready to sell hopefully by the end of the month.

I heard our little baby's heartbeat this week. It's so much fun. We've almost decided we think it's a girl based on symptoms alone, but we have to wait until March to find out for sure!

Although I enjoy being pregnant, I find the more children I have, the more difficult the tiredness, nausea, and hormones are to deal with. Not that the symptoms are much worse in themselves, just that all three children require more attention and individual responses, more time to get ready, more clothes to wash, all of which doesn't allow this mama time to rest much. :) Feeling the baby move has been very encouraging to me- a good and happy reason that I've been feeling the way I have for the past few weeks. It's exciting to see my belly growing a little every day.

In other news, we became DEBT FREE in December!!!! Praise the Lord. He is merciful and provided extra jobs for us even though the debt was our fault to begin with. When I find I am not as merciful as I should be (often!) I remember how good God has been to us. We never went hungry or with a bill unpaid, even though we made the bad decisions that we did. We only have our mortgage left, and we are working on selling this one and building with cash. How exciting would that be!! God is good!

I hope you are having a great January!